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Building Healthy Soil

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

What we feed our soil is not only important in terms of plant and ecological health, but for an organic gardener, it is everything! It is the most critical element of gardening. Having an awareness of the biology, the microbes in the soil, and what role they play in creating healthy soil and healthy plants is the key to a healthy organic garden.

What we put into our gardens matters! Do you know if the inputs that you are using in your garden are safe, Non GMO or True Organic? Do you know what effect the “organic” and “natural” fertilizers are having on the microbes in your soil?

You should… and you will… if you… Join Randy Ritchie, organic and biological farmer, landscaper, computer and CEO of Malibu Compost for this fun and informative look at how you can build healthy, safe, long-lasting and vital soil in your organic garden. RSVP by filling out the form below!

Date: Sunday, Februrary 28th @10:30am

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About Randy Ritchie

Randy Ritchie is the founder and CEO of Malibu Compost, the first makers of farm-made, Non-GMO, true organic and biodynamic compost in the America.

He started his career as a landscape designer and builder, which took him to Benziger Vineyards fifteen years ago in a search for good compost for a client who was creating a farm in Malibu. What he found was much greater… That journey to Sonoma led him to sell his landscape design firm and start making compost full time. He, some partners and friends started Malibu Compost in 2009. Their nationally distributed compost, potting soil, compost tea and turf line is now sold in over 750 retailers nationwide.

Randy consults on a variety of landscape and agricultural projects around there country, while also serving as the head of sales, marketing and production. He teaches organic gardening classes and workshops in nurseries and garden clubs all over the United Sates. He has been a featured speaker at The San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, The Northwest Flower and Garden Show, Cannacon, Indo Expo and at the U.S. Composting Council national convention.
Randy met the love of his life over soil, has an adult daughter who is married and successful (the best kind of daughter) and rescued BU the dairy cow who became the SpokesCow for Malibu Compost.

He loves to garden, surf, teach, be of service, pray, meditate and be a spearhead in the True Organic Revolution. He feels lucky and blessed everyday…