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Alison’s Bare Root Rose Planting Guide

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Gardening | 0 comments

Allison Starcher is back with more great gardening tips. This time, it’s a great guide for planting bare root roses. Whether you’re planting in the ground, your garden, or pot on your balcony or patio, Allison shows you the best way to plant your roses in the video below.

Allison Starcher’s Guide to Planting Bare Root Roses

  • Select a site with full sun + good drainage
  • Dig a hole 12″-15″ deep
  • Add 6″ of organic potting mix
  • Sprinkle in rose fertilizer at half the recommended strength. Too much may burn the new roots
  • The bud union should be 1″ above the soil level in warm regions